Shays at Cass

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My grandson, Mr. Maddox, just loves to watch train videos with me on youtube.  Well, the other day, we were watching primarily Fostoria & Deshler so I decided that a change of pace might be in line.  Then I thought of Cass Scenic Railroad and their Shays & Heisler.

While the video I was watching and have attached here is of fall colors at Cass, I was lucky enough to go there for Railfan Weekend many years ago.  There were plenty of movies of “old Cass” when the locos were working for real and of course, a trip up to Bald Knob with probably about 8-10 run-bys.  Later that night, the late Jim Boyd conducted a night photo session which was also a lot of fun and resulted in some great pictures (which I can no longer find).

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Cass, by all means do so.  It is fun for the entire family.  I have to warn you though… Cass is in a rather remote part of West Virginia and there aren’t any interstate highways nearby… nor is there much in the way of motel accommodations.  Still, it is well worth the trip.

You can watch the video HERE  ENJOY!




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