Hands Off?

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You can call me any day or night
Call me  –  Blondie

I’m no doctor, but I’ve noticed a new neurological disorder I call the cellphone cleft hand.

Since the purchase of my own smartphone a few years ago, I have seen others who carry their cellphone curled in their hand.

I worry that this will cause their hands to be permanently curled, as if stricken by arthritis.

Sure, other people tote their phones in their back pocket which, to me, is risky.

But what happens to the phone when you sit down? Would you smash a phone with your own bulk?

And doesn’t that make it easier for people to steal a cellphone and rack up minutes calling others?

In one store I saw a woman with her cellphone tucked inside her shirt, near her bra, I guess. I was afraid to ask her details about this.

Me, I keep my smartphone in my front pants pocket so I can quickly answer an important call, should one ever arrive.

Once I left my cellphone at home as a test of my independence, that I wasn’t attached to this technology.

Epic fail.

I worried because an important call would arrive and I would be AWOL.



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