Community Action Commission offers assistance to homeless

The Hancock Hardin Wyandot Putnam Community Action Commission is assisting the homeless in accessing Social Security disability benefits.
Funding and resources are provided by the Coalition on Housing and Homelessness in Ohio.
To be eligible, an applicant must be a resident of Hardin, Wyandot or Putnam counties, 18 or older, homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, suffering from a severe physical/mental illness expected to last 12 months or more and who is unable to work substantially due to their disability.
Assistance for residents of Hancock County is being offered by another source.
Once determined eligible, they will be guided through the application process and assisted in completing forms and gathering necessary information.
They will also be assisted in accessing community resources needed to meet their basic needs including housing, food and medical assistance, as well as finding a payee to help manage their funds.
For an appointment, contact Marci Sease at 419-889-3539 or 800-423-4304.



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