Piano students to participate in piano guild auditions

BLUFFTON — National Piano Guild auditions will be held Monday through May 16 at Yoder Hall on the Bluffton University campus.
The auditions are held annually in over 850 cities in the United States and abroad. At Bluffton, 75 pupils who study with six local teachers will play memorized programs from two to 10 pieces including scales, sight-reading, ear-training and transposition for adjudication.
This year’s judge is Kenneth Gottlieb of Monroe.
Participating piano teachers are Joan Benedict, Eleanor McCoy, Kathleen Price, Twinkle Ratnasamy, Marlene Rayl and Lois Teatsorth.
Special recognition will go to Mark Bixel who has played 10-piece national programs in the auditions for 11 years and received the Paderewski Gold Medal last year. Morgan Smith, Emily Cairns and Ryan Zheng are being recognized for playing 10-piece national programs for five years. Their pictures and names will be printed next spring in the guild magazine, Piano Guild Notes.
There will be 22 students playing 10-piece national-level programs. They are Emi Kawamura, Miki Kawamura, Jarah Smith, Brook Smith, Elizabeth Bourassa, Samantha Vance, Natalie Davis, Ashley Schroeder, Kirsten Selhorst, Keith Sansalone, Bethany Giedeman, Jordan Spoon, Nigel Woodall, Alan Woodall, Sammie Dong, Ethan Zheng, David Mace, Lydia Mattingly, Kanon Maesaka, Haruka Sasaki, Emma Otley and Carl Rupp.



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