Findlay couple to be featured on radio show

Jamie and Jodi Bollenbacher, of Findlay, will make their final mortgage payment live on the Dave Ramsey radio show on Tuesday. The couple will be interviewed by Ramsey and will do a “debt-free scream” as a family.
The Bollenbachers offer financial counseling through their business, Four J’s Financial Coaching. They specialize in one-on-one financial coaching, based on Ramsey’s approach.
Along with his radio show, Ramsey is the author of several personal finance books and advocates financial planning with Christian principles. His syndicated curriculum is used nationwide and more than 2 million families have completed his Financial Peace University course since it began in 1994.
When the Bollenbachers married in August 2002, they were a “typical American couple” with student loans, credit cards, car loans and a mortgage payment, Jamie Bollenbacher said. They moved to Findlay in 2004 and had their first child, Jackson, in July 2005, followed by Julia in October 2007.
Jamie started watching Ramsey on television about four years ago and became interested in his financial philosophies. At first, Jodi was skeptical, but in February 2012 she agreed to take Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course.
After taking the course, their goal was to pay off $95,000 in mortgage debt so they could start living completely debt-free. Since then Jamie has coordinated two Financial Peace University classes at St. Marks United Methodist Church. He also coordinated the class the Legacy Journey, a class with Ramsey’s curriculum that focuses on leaving a legacy, including investing and basic estate planning.
Jodi coordinated a Generation Change class. The Bible study classes, according to Ramsey’s website, are “designed to lead teens to a better understanding of God, themselves and their money.”
The couple attended Ramsey’s Financial Counselors training and Pro Coaching workshop.
The Bollenbachers started Four J’s Financial Coaching in February 2013.
Jamie Ellis, public relations coordinator for Dave Ramsey/The Lampo Group, Inc., said the “debt-free scream” is a popular feature of the show, and gives people a chance to tell their stories “and hopefully motivate others along their debt-free journey.” There is no real audition process and people can just request to be on the show, and then answer questions about the amount and type of debt before doing their “debt-free scream.”
Ramsey’s show, based in Nashville, will be broadcast at 3 p.m. on Tuesday on WFIN-AM.



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