Masons award scholarships

The 32nd Degree Masons have awarded scholarships to SilverLyn R. Roth and Robert J. Grandbois III, both of Findlay.
Roth is the recipient of a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Scholarship, awarded by the Masons in Toledo. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Roth and will be attending the University of Dayton.
Grandbois was awarded an Abbott Scholarship from the 32nd Degree Masons headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. He attends Miami University and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grandbois Jr.
Both scholarships are awarded to qualifying students in recognition of scholastic and all-around achievements and are given to the children of 32nd Degree Mason families who have been active in Masonic-related organizations. Abbott Scholarship grants are made throughout the 15-state Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.
City Mission
Several City Mission staff members visited the Lima Rescue Mission in Lima in April to exchange operational ideas. Two board members toured the West Ohio Food Bank to see its organization and how donations are valued for auditing purposes. These items were discussed at the mission’s board of trustees meeting held May 19.
The board voted to accept two new members, Dan Gonder and John Wetzel.
In April, 12 men and one woman made successful transitions from the mission to their own housing. Two families, including five children, were sheltered, and 37 residents and 18 drop-ins used the day center. The number of drop-ins at the day center is more than double the number of one year ago.
The mission provided 175 lunches to day center guests, and seven guests found employment through the center.
During the month the Mission gave out 59 food boxes and 26 personal hygiene packs to individuals and families. Through the nightly perishable food distribution, 136 items of surplus fresh produce and bread were provided to drop-ins.



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