Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation awards grants

The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation board of trustees approved grants totaling $308,761 at its May board meeting. This second round of grants brings the Community Foundation’s 2014 grant total to $722,336.
The foundation awarded six competitive grants totaling $209,752. Competitive grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations that seek to meet community needs and match the goals, objectives and priorities of the Community Foundation. Grantees are:
• Children’s Mentoring Connection, a three-year grant of $79,752 to expand and strengthen its evidence-based mentoring program in Hancock County. The school-based program will continue at Jacobs Primary School in its current format. The program will be expanded into Bigelow Hill intermediate, Glenwood middle and Cory-Rawson schools and will be offered in a variety of formats based on each school’s individual needs and opportunities.
• Findlay Family YMCA, a two-year grant of $10,000 to develop the Portable Tennis for Beginners program to serve youth and adults in Hancock County. The six-week program will take place during June and July in 2014 and 2015 utilizing local outdoor tennis courts. The YMCA hopes to make this a program that could be used in schools during and after regular school hours.
• The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation was awarded a three-year grant totaling up to $45,000 to provide an opportunity for three additional Schneider Circle I or II agencies to participate in a three-year strategic planning and business management consulting process.
• The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library was awarded a five-year grant totaling up to $75,000 to partially support the CommunityRead over the next five years.
President’s discretionary grants totaling $5,941 were awarded. These grants fund urgent or special requests that are outside of the Community Foundation’s grant cycles. Usually these grants do not exceed $2,500. Grantees are:
• Camp Fire Northwest Ohio, a three-month grant of $300 to support the 2014 On Behalf of Youth Award.
• The City of Findlay, a three-month grant of $1,731 to partially support the NeighborWoods Project and Adopt-A-Tree program taking place in the Sherman Park Neighborhood.
• Hancock Parks Foundation, a six-month grant of $500 to provide support for Arbor Day projects.
• The Toledo Opera Association, a 10-month grant of $2,000 to expose children at three Findlay and Hancock County elementary schools to four performances of vocal art through Opera on Wheels.
• The Village of McComb, a 10-month grant of $750 to provide support for economic development strategic planning.
• The Workforce Coalition, a six-month grant of $660 to send 21 members of the coalition to the 2014 Northwest Ohio Regional Economic Development annual meeting in Perrysburg.
Hancock Education Fund grants totaling $41,147 were awarded to 10 organizations. Education fund grants provide grant dollars to promote classroom learning and to provide teachers with resources that encourage learning activities. Grantees are:
• Arcadia Local School, $3,650 to support the “Riley the Robot” project for students in grades seven to 12 to encourage the development of science, technology, engineering and math skills.
• Findlay City Schools, $2,400 to support presentations by Mike Anderson, Dulcimer Guy, to local pre-school children and city and county students in grades three through eight in order to provide additional access to the arts.
• Findlay City Schools, $6,000 to enhance the Change-Make it Happen program for third- grade gifted students in order to strengthen 21st century skills.
• Findlay City Schools, $2,600 to help students in kindergarten through grade five develop researching, journaling and composing stories skills through assistance from professional authors and artists.
• Findlay City Schools, $6,000 to enhance life skills for special needs students at Donnell Middle School and Findlay High School.
• Findlay City Schools, $4,000 to implement the “Where Everyone Belongs” program at Glenwood Middle School in order to build leadership skills and improve school climate.
• Hancock County Education Service Center, $5,000 to increase student learning and improve health by supporting the Plus 5 Fitness program for students in kindergarten through grade four to encourage city and county students to be active every day.
• McComb Local School, $4,000 to increase student achievement and development of 21st century skills for first and second graders through the integration of innovative technology and learning strategies.
• Van Buren Elementary School, $4,000 to support the Differentiation for Student Success project for grades kindergarten through five to increase student achievement and better meet individual student needs.
• Vanlue Local School, $3,497 to provide Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music K-5 Curriculum in order to bring innovative and creative ideas into the classroom and boost student achievement.
A $10,000 grant from the HancockReads fund was awarded to the Literacy Coalition of Hancock County to initiate the Imagination Library pilot program for vulnerable youth to have reading material in the home and additional literacy support. The youth are identified through Help Me Grow.
The HancockReads fund helps programs that support individuals in Hancock County who have difficulty reading, writing, or using basic math skills necessary in everyday life.
Donor-advised grants totaling $39,294.75 were awarded to:
• Camp Fire Northwest Ohio, general support, $4,000.
• Findlay-Hancock County Chamber Foundation, operating support for Hancock Youth Leadership, $1,267.
• Open Arms Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center, general support, $1,000.
• Findlay Area Youth for Christ, 2017 summer camp scholarship/assistance, $350.
• Findlay Family YMCA, annual campaign, $2,000.
• Findlay Police Department, Personal Safety- Smart Choices for Life Program, $1,500.
• Flag City Honor Flight, general support, $1,000.
• The Arts Partnership of Greater Hancock County, Youtheatre radio show, $1,500.
• Hancock County Performing Arts Center, capital campaign, $25,000.
• Village of Green Springs, flagpole repairs and a new flag, $677.75.
• Village of Green Springs, Lance Cpl. Jeremy Shock memorial road signs, $500.
• The Arts Partnership of Greater Hancock County, Youtheatre radio show, $500.



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