Couple to visit with traveling prescription drug abuse memorial

Kyle Schalow, founder of the Rx Epidemic Memorial Foundation, and his wife, April, will bring their traveling Rx Epidemic Memorial to Findlay at 9 a.m. Saturday at A Renewed Mind, 1624 Tiffin Ave.
The Schalows formed the foundation to encourage the federal government to recognize the first Friday in October as a national day of observance of the prescription drug abuse epidemic.
The traveling memorial will be constructed of 365,000 empty pill bottles, representing the number of people who die each year from prescription drug overdose.
In its final stages, the memorial will use the empty pill bottles to spell out the words faith, hope and love.
The Schalows plan to take the traveling memorial to Washington, D.C., to be presented at the Fed Up Rally on Sept. 28.
The memorial currently consists of about 8,000 empty bottles.
The public is invited to see the memorial on Saturday and to bring empty pill bottles to add to the collection, and to place a personal note inside the bottle that shares how the donor has been affected by the prescription drug abuse epidemic.
Rep. Robert Sprague and Tony “Grandpa Tony” Grotrian will be present to share how they have been affected by prescription drug abuse.



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