Explore spring galaxies at ONU observatory

ADA — The Ohio Northern University observatory will present “The Galaxies of Spring” from 9-11 p.m. today.

Galaxies are a swirling collection of stars, gas, dust and dark matter that are generally difficult to see with telescopes because they are so far away and faint. But during this time of the year, the closest concentrations of galaxies are positioned high in the sky by midnight for better viewing.

The program will target M66 in Leo and the black eye galaxy in Coma Berenices for observation with the telescopes. At 9:47 p.m., an Iridium satellite is scheduled to flare brightly just as it passes into Coma Berenices.

Check for cancellations online at http://www2.onu.edu/~j-pinkney/astro/publicevents.html.


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