Everlasting love: Pen your pet’s obituary with Social Findlay


Preparing an obituary can create a lasting, tangible bit of closure for a grieving family.

And given the close relationship we have with our pets — we take them for walks and car rides, and share our beds and our dinner with them — it seems natural that we memorialize them in their death, too. That’s why Social Findlay has launched “Pet Memorials,” giving grieving pet owners the opportunity to publicly honor the legacy of their furry companions.

“The Courier of course has obituaries, and we wanted to do this for people’s pets,” says Charles Lightner, founder of Social Findlay, which operates out of the Findlay Courier building.

At socialfindlay.com, bereaved pet owners can upload an obituary and photo of their beloved friend for a $5 fee — $1 of which goes toward purchasing supplies for local animal-based charities. The program launched last fall and has amassed dozens of heart-felt remembrances — all dogs and cats plus one bunny so far.

“I’m actually responsible for the first two,” Lightner says, referring to his dog Calypso and his cat, Galaxy.

“I think about them all the time so, when I came up with this idea they were the first thing on my mind. I wanted them to know I still miss and remember them. And yes, I cried while writing it.”



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