The Courier: Changing with the times

Media. Electronic news. 3dSuccessful newspapers evolve with their times.
You’re reading one of them. This Courier is far different than ones published 177 years ago, or even seven years ago.
Today, we’re changing again in the many ways we serve you electronically.
• During the weekend, we launched a new and much better website.
The new is modern, cleaner to the eye, and much easier to navigate. It offers you a lot more.
You can move quickly to news, sports and family stories, and to news updates, obituaries, letters to the editor, and the “Public Record.”
We can post many more of our photos, and we will post many of yours, too.
We still welcome all points of view following stories and editorials, but commenters now must use their Facebook accounts to do so.
There’s much more on the new site, and the best thing is to just take a look. Don’t forget, it may take a little while to get used to it.
• Why do this?
Many more people are getting information on mobile devices and our old website didn’t work well on some of them.
The new website was built with mobile in mind, and makes it work much better on whatever you carry.
To see what we mean, check out and the eCourier on your Android, iPhone, ipad, Kindle, etc.
• New, free apps.
Apple and Android users will like this.
• The eCourier is better, too.
Some still confuse the eCourier with our website.
Just think of The eCourier as an electronic reproduction of the printed pages. That includes advertisements.
Also, the eCourier allows you to touch/click on the stories to read them individually, or click on the ads to call up the advertiser’s own website.
Our changes make all of this a lot easier.
Plus, we’ve added “news updates” to the eCourier site, so you will always be up to date there.
• “Reader Rewards.”
Some folks have been reading The Courier since these were the Blanchard Mountains. Now, they will get breaks they can’t get elsewhere.
They may be reduced-rate tickets to a show or a concert in Findlay; or to a Mudhens game or the Toledo Zoo; or a discount for goods, or services, or a meal around here; or something we haven’t thought of yet.
The point is, everyone is tired of introductory rates while the most loyal folks don’t seem to get even a thank you. Well, we’re going to thank you.
• New thinking: A modern subscription is more than just our printed edition.
A subscription no longer means you will get only the printed Courier delivered to your door. It now includes unlimited access to all of our electronic editions.
Or, you can get just our electronic editions, without the paper.
• Information delivery is changing rapidly.
Does your business or employer offer your product or service for free, all the time, to anywhere in the world?
We did. But, information costs money and it has value.
Our products are available 24/7 on, or daily with the printed Courier.
True, our newsstand and newsbox prices are up, but by only two bits a day.
And the new home subscription with unlimited access to our electronic editions means an increase, but only of about eight cents a day.
(By the way, The Courier still costs much less per day than some competitors with home delivery.)
Frankly, the times demand we go back to when reading The Courier meant buying The Courier.
It’s only fair, and it’s absolutely necessary.
• The printed Courier is not going away.
Please, don’t even think about it.
• One more thing.
Of course, big computer-based changes like this can get a little iffy now and then. Internet Services Manager Charles Lightner and his team will be improving their handiwork as we go along.
Still, if you have a problem, a suggestion, or a compliment, please call us at 419-422-5151, email us at Send an E-mail to webmaster, or write or visit us at 701 W. Sandusky St., Findlay 45840.
Thank you.
Mattiace: 419-427-8406



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