McComb joining network for water plant emergencies

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McCOMB — McComb Council on Monday agreed to join a state-operated venture for sharing equipment and manpower with other municipalities during water plant emergencies.
The Ohio Water/Wastewater Response Network coordinates a response to any disaster involving a water system, waterlines or wastewater system of a network member.
There is no cost to join, but towns affected by a water plant disaster must reimburse assisting municipalities for using their equipment and manpower hours.
“It’s a helping network,” Village Administrator Kevin Siferd told council.
Rates for reimbursements are set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he added.
In other water matters, council heard the foundation is being set for a new water tower to be constructed by Maguire Iron of Sioux Falls, S.D.
Completion of the $835,000 tower is expected in November.
The work area has been fenced off, according to Siferd.
Village Council will have to decide the colors and finish for the tower.
Separately, village officials praised municipal workers for plowing snow last week in subzero temperatures.
Crews spent long hours plowing snow, Siferd noted.
“They did a great job,” Councilman Dennis Turner said.
About 8.5 inches of snow fell on McComb, according to Police Chief Greg Smith.
Village residents also earned praise for heeding the parking restriction on village streets while snow was being plowed.
“The residents were very cooperative,” Siferd said.
Residents were reminded that in the future, snow must be shoveled off their sidewalks.
Separately, Councilwoman Carol Cary was selected to serve as council president for 2014. Councilwoman Dawn Swain will be vice president.
In other business, council agreed to a pair of contracts, rehiring Fire Chief Mike Voland and Village Solicitor Alan Hackenberg.
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