School board president appointed

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FOSTORIA — Fostoria school board has a new president.
In its first meeting of the year Monday, the board elected Anthony Thompson as its new leader with Joseph Sheak taking the reins as vice president.
With last week’s winter storm causing Fostoria schools to close Monday through Thursday, Superintendent Andrew Sprang said the district has already used six calamity days, with a makeup day scheduled for May 27.
The state allows five calamity days per school year.
If the district needs additional makeup days, Sprang said he has already targeted three days over spring break that could be used.
“That way we could be making these days educationally valuable for our students prior to testing,” he said.
This will be the last year the district will have to operate under the calamity days system, Sprang said. Next academic year, the district will switch to what is called “total number of hours in session.” Students in grades 7-12 will need 1,001 hours while grades K-6 will be required to complete 910 hours.
“If you have a delay, that’s fine, but that counts as hours that you’re not in session,” he said.
On the topic of school safety, Sprang said he will meet with the Seneca County Emergency Management Agency today to plan an exercise for the evaluation of “school safety and response plans.”
The exercise will take place Jan. 30 with cooperation from local law enforcement and safety officials.
“I think it will be a good experience for all of the agencies to come together and continue our work we started last year in fine-tuning things,” he said.



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