Lumber firm returning to Findlay, with factory

Gordon Lumber will return to its Hancock County 236 site at Findlay this spring, with a contractor-focused store, a factory and at least 40 jobs.
It closed its store at 6485 Hancock County 236 in the 2009 recession and housing slump. It had six employees then, down from a dozen a year earlier.
Findlay’s gain this year is a loss for two other towns. Oak Harbor is losing a factory, and a Gordon Lumber store in Tiffin closed nearly two weeks ago.
“These operational changes are necessary to support and sustain the double-digit sales growth the company has experienced annually during the past three years,” Gordon Lumber Chief Executive Officer Gary Farber said.
Room for the factory, which will produce trusses and wall panels, will be made by making changes to the existing Hancock County 236 building, Farber said. The factory will employ at least 32 people on two shifts. Limited production will start in March and full production in April, Farber said.
Gordon Lumber outgrew its Oak Harbor factory, he said.
“Our business as a whole grew 21 percent last year (as measured in sales) … and our truss and component business is expanding much more quickly than that,” he said.
So Gordon Lumber looked to Findlay.
“We needed a place where we could have a good work force to draw from,” he said.
Gordon Lumber is hiring. The Hancock County 236 building is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays to take applications.
The store will reopen by May.
Farber said Gordon Lumber always intended to return to Findlay.
“It’s our nicest facility. It has a rail siding (along Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks) … Findlay’s a wonderful community. Of all the places where we have physical locations and lumber yards, Findlay has the largest population base,” Farber said.
“Findlay does not have a contractor-oriented yard and so we think that affords us some opportunity there.”
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