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A common diagnosis treated in pain management practices is failed back surgery syndrome. This is a condition in which a patient has undergone back surgery and still has continued pain.
Approximately two-thirds of patients seen in chronic pain management centers suffer from this condition.
For some patients, treatment of failed back surgery syndrome may consist of another back surgery, but, for others, conservative treatments may be an option such as physical therapy or pharmacotherapy.
Another approach is interventional pain management treatments which could consist of injections, radio frequency ablation procedures, or spinal cord stimulation.
Pain management injections are used to deliver steroids or anesthetic to joints, muscles, ligaments, or around nerves, which in return can determine if the injected structure is the source of pain.
Injections often provide temporary relief. Radio frequency ablation procedures can provide longer relief. Radiofrequency ablation is a procedure that involves denervation of the nerves that are causing the pain, and can provide relief for up to 18 months.
Another type of interventional treatment for failed back surgery syndrome is an implantable neuromodulating device called a spinal cord stimulator.
This device creates electrical stimulation of a specific level of the spinal cord to produce a numbing sensation to the areas where the patient is having pain.
Failed back surgery syndrome is just one of the many types of conditions that are treatable through our interventional pain management services in Bluffton, Lima and Findlay.
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