Council Legislation

Jan. 21, 2014
Public Attendance: 15
• 2014-6, first reading, authorizing the service-safety director to advertise for bids and enter into contracts for the purchase or lease of equipment, and for the construction of various projects; and appropriating nearly $3.3 million.
• 2014-7, first reading, appropriating $15,000 from the general fund to the Police Department for gym equipment and maintenance, and $50,000 from general fund to general expense fund for stream gauge maintenance; and $36,500 from street construction, maintenance and repair fund to Street Department for three truck beds, and $15,000 from street construction, maintenance and repair fund to traffic lights fund for bucket truck repairs.
• 6-2014, commending former Councilman-At-Large Randy Ward for his service to the city. Resolution approved 10-0.
• 7-2014, approving $3,070 spent by the Street Department for electric service; $3,150 spent by law director for Bricker and Eckler law firm to prepare and present Community Reinvestment Area information to City Council; $21,120 spent by utility billing for public water system licensing fees to the state; and $12,269 spent by the Water Pollution Control Center for the annual discharge fees to the state. All amounts either exceeded the purchase order or were incurred without a purchase order, exceeding the statutory limit of $3,000. Resolution approved 10-0.



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