Findlay officials keeping an eye on expected thaw

Weather forecasters are predicting a thaw next week, and Findlay officials say they’ll be working with the National Weather Service to determine if there is potential for flooding.

Mayor Lydia Mihalik said Thursday it’s still too early to tell if any flooding will occur. She expects the weather service will request snow pack and stream ice measurements this weekend or early next week.

“We’re definitely keeping an eye on it, but we’re waiting until the (prediction) models become a little more certain. We’re quite a few days away from that happening,” Mihalik said.

The amount of water that snow can produce varies, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Here’s what it has to say about the topic:

“An inch of snow falling evenly on 1 acre of ground is equivalent to about 2,715 gallons of water. This figure, however, based upon the “rule-of-thumb” that 10 inches of snow is equal to 1 inch of water, can vary considerably, depending on whether the snow is heavy and wet, or powdery and dry.

“Heavy, wet snow has a very high water content — 4 or 5 inches of this kind of snow contains about 1 inch of water. Thus, an inch of very wet snow over an acre might amount to more than 5,400 gallons of water, while an inch of powdery snow might yield only about 1,300 gallons.”

According to the National Weather Service’s current forecast for Findlay, temperatures are expected to rise near 40 on Monday and stay above freezing through at least Thursday. Rain and snow is likely Monday, the weather service said.

Tuesday’s high is predicted to be 37, with a low around 27. A high of 43 is predicted Wednesday, with a low around 37.

Thursday’s high could hit 54, with a chance of rain, the weather service said.


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