Three facing drug charges

Indictments have been unsealed against three defendants accused of drug offenses in and around Findlay.
Michael E. Harpe, 41, of Findlay, was charged with five fifth-degree felonies of heroin trafficking and a third-degree felony of heroin possession.
Harpe allegedly sold less than one gram of heroin on five occasions in June, July and January in Findlay. He is also charged with possessing between five and 10 grams of heroin on Jan. 22 in Findlay, according to the indictment.
Pamela R. Thomas, 27, of Lima, was charged with two counts of cocaine trafficking, felonies of the fourth and fifth degree.
Thomas allegedly sold less than five grams of cocaine on June 27 in Bluffton and July 12 in Findlay.
Prosecutors allege the latter incident occurred within 1,000 feet of Findlay High School, according to the indictment.
Jignashia J. Huether, 34, of Findlay, has been indicted on a fifth-degree felony of permitting drug abuse.
The charge alleges Huether knowingly allowed another person to sell heroin out of Huether’s residence, 801 Hurd Ave., Apt. G, according to the indictment.


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