Council Legislation

Feb. 18, 2014
Public Attendance: 12

• 2014-6, third reading, authorizing the service-safety director to advertise for bids and enter into contracts for the purchase or lease of equipment, and for the construction of various projects, and appropriating nearly $3.3 million. Ordinance approved 10-0.
• 2014-7, third reading, appropriating $15,000 from general fund to Police Department for gym equipment and maintenance; and $50,000 from general fund to general expense fund for stream gauge maintenance; and $36,500 from street construction, maintenance and repair fund to Street Department for three truck beds; and $15,000 from the same fund to traffic lights fund for bucket truck repairs. Ordinance approved 10-0.
• 2014-11, second reading, authorizing the mayor to enter into a contract with the Hancock County commissioners to provide jail services to the city. Motion to suspend the statutory rules of council denied 7-3, with Councilman-At-Large Grant Russel, 6th Ward Councilman Andy Douglas, and 1st Ward Councilwoman Holly Frische voting no.
• 2014-12, second reading, vacating an alley near Third Street in the Dillinger and Kagy subdivisions.
• 2014-13, first reading, appropriating $123,500 from city revolving loan fund to Cross Way Ministries loan.
• 2014-14, first reading, amending traffic code sections to comply with Ohio law. Motion to suspend the statutory rules of council denied 7-3, with 7th Ward Councilman Bob Nichols, Douglas and Russel voting no.
• 9-2014, commending Mike Jurkiewicz upon his retirement from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry. Resolution approved 10-0.
• 10-2014, supporting the efforts of the city administration, Findlay Municipal Court and area nonprofit agencies to investigate the possible establishment of a Community Alternative Sentencing Center. Resolution approved 10-0.
• 11-2014, approving $7,898 spent by the service-safety director to pay for a partial-year extension of emergency reverse call system services, until a new service was implemented. Resolution approved 10-0.



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