Bridge replacement project expected to begin in June

The East Main Cross Street bridge over Lye Creek in Findlay, just east of Blanchard Street, is slated to be replaced this summer.
The bridge will be completely closed during that time, said Steve Wilson, project manager at the Hancock County Engineer’s Office.
Work is expected to begin in June and will take about four months, Wilson said. Flooding, which tends to frequently occur there, would potentially cause construction delays, but otherwise wouldn’t affect the work, he said.
The bridge was initially scheduled to be replaced in 2016, but due to other state projects falling behind, the timing for it was bumped up.
Wilson said the total project estimate is $750,000. The county is receiving a federal highway grant that will cover 95 percent, or $712,000. The remaining 5 percent, or $37,500, will be the county’s responsibility.
The bridge was built in 1929. Concrete beneath it was last repaired sometime in the 1970s, Wilson said.



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