A February snowfall record, or not?

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AccuWeather, The Courier’s weather service, measured a record amount of snowfall for Findlay during February, but the city’s record-keepers disagree.
AccuWeather reported a total of 22.8 inches of snow for Findlay during the month. The record was 20.5 inches, set in 1910, according to the Findlay Water Pollution Control Center.
The Water Pollution Control Center, which has maintained the city’s weather records since 1894, recorded only 14.3 inches of snowfall during February.
Center Supervisor David Beach said the disparity can be attributed to many different factors, including instruments, location and weather conditions.
The center’s temperature and precipitation readings are taken with instruments outside the center, which is along South River Road near the Blanchard River. AccuWeather gets its information from instruments on higher ground at the Findlay Airport, off Lima Avenue.
So far this winter, there has been a total of 39.39 inches of snowfall, according to the Water Pollution Control Center. AccuWeather is reporting 45.5 inches.
Neither total is close to Findlay’s winter record. During the winter of 1977-78, which included a blizzard, it snowed 72 inches from October through March, according to center records.
This season, the first measurable snowfall came on Nov. 2, with .15 inch of snow, according to the center.
Winter continues, and more snow is expected this weekend, although how much is uncertain.
Findlay’s snowfall record for March is 16.5 inches, set in 1906, according to the center.
Beach said the center measured two record-breaking cold days in January, when an arctic front, known as a polar vortex, dove through the nation’s midsection.
On Jan. 6, temperatures plunged to minus 15 degrees, beating the record of minus 13 degrees set in 1924.
Temperatures on Jan. 7 dropped to minus 14 degrees, breaking the record of minus 10 degrees, set in 1912.
In February, a low of minus 7 degrees on Feb. 7 tied the record set in 1977 and 1978. Then on Feb. 11, the temperature dropped to minus 8 degrees, which broke the record of minus 7 set in 1912, according to the center.
So far, there have been 14 days this winter with subzero temperatures.
A predicted low of minus 8 degrees on Thursday night did not occur. The low that night was 2 degrees above, according to the center.
Findlay temperatures during both January and February were well below the norm. The historical average temperature for January is 25.4 degrees. The average temperature this January was 18.2 degrees, Beach said.
The historical average temperature for February is 28 degrees. The average temperature last month was 20 degrees, Beach said.
Beach said the longest cold streak on record for Findlay came in January 1904, when a low of minus 12 was recorded on Jan. 3, followed by minus 14 on Jan. 4, and minus 15 on Jan. 5.
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