Sheriff hoping to add outdoor lighting at jail

New outdoor lighting for the Hancock County Justice Center is on the top of the Sheriff Michael Heldman’s “to do” list this year.

Heldman, along with several deputies, sat down with the Hancock County commissioners Thursday to go over a list of needed maintenance and upgrades at the justice center, which houses the county jail and the sheriff’s office.

The deputies said additional outdoor lighting is a safety issue for sheriff’s office employees.

Heldman said he got a complaint last year about someone hiding in the dark outside of the office, watching employees report to work.

The sheriff’s office has an estimate on the lighting, which puts the cost at about $37,165.

Commissioner Phillip Riegle asked the sheriff’s office to work on getting multiple quotes on the lighting, and other projects.

Window repairs, painting, carpet cleaning, asphalt sealing, and eventually the installation of new security cameras were also on the list.

The commissioners also agreed to purchase two cruisers for the sheriff’s office. Riegle said $70,000 was budgeted for the expense this year.



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