County increases rates for housing inmates

The Hancock County commissioners on Tuesday approved an increase in the rates the county charges the city of Findlay for housing inmates at the county jail.
The agreement would raise jail fees from $55 to $84 per day for each Findlay prisoner. City Council voted in support of the proposal, which now heads to Mayor Lydia Mihalik for her decision.
Mihalik has said the new fee would increase the city’s jail bill to more than $1 million this year, up from $671,000 last year.
The city will be required to transport its prisoners to the jail and pay for their hospital treatment.
Routine care will be provided in-house at no cost, unless prescription fees exceed $1,200 per inmate, according to the commissioners’ resolution.
Findlay officials have said they are exploring an alternative sentencing center for nonviolent offenders.
They also have discussed the idea of housing inmates at the Putnam and Seneca county jails.
Those jails offer a lower daily rate but increased travel costs.
Either side can end the jail agreement between Findlay and Hancock County with 90 days notice, according to the resolution.



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