County grand jury files charges against 12 people

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A pair of defendants, accused of selling cocaine in Findlay, were among those indicted by a Hancock County grand jury on Tuesday.
Brittany N. Glenn, 24, of Fostoria, and Jedediah R. Morton, 26, address unknown, allegedly sold between 10 and 20 grams of cocaine on March 5 in Findlay.
The single trafficking charge for each is a third-degree felony.
Separately, Janice R. Meade, 32, of Elkhorn City, Ky., was charged with a second-degree felony count of aggravated drug possession.
Meade allegedly possessed between five and 50 times the bulk amount of oxycodone on Aug. 26 in Findlay.
The grand jury handed up indictments against nine others.
• Scott A. Ardo, 49, of Columbus, was charged with a third-degree felony count of operating a vehicle while under the influence. Ardo was accused of driving drunk in Amanda Township on Friday. He was previously convicted of the offense in November 2011 in Lorain County Common Pleas Court, according to the indictment.
• Zachary T. Cole, 24, of Findlay, was charged with a fifth-degree felony count of forgery. Cole on Jan. 22 allegedly forged a Huntington Bank check for $100 in Findlay.
• Jonathon A. Potter, 18, of Findlay, was charged with a fifth-degree felony count of receiving stolen property. On Feb. 1 in Findlay, Potter allegedly had a Steak ‘n’ Shake debit card he knew belonged to a Findlay man.
• McKenzie P. Hewitt, 19, of Findlay, faces a fifth-degree felony charge of forgery. Hewitt on Feb. 10 allegedly forged the writing of another person in Findlay.
• Joshua M. Bohanon, 32, of Findlay, was charged with theft, a fifth-degree felony. From Aug. 12, 2012, to March 9, 2013, Bohanon allegedly took $6,180 in state unemployment benefits.
• Christopher D. Balmer, 28, of Bluffton, was indicted on a fifth-degree felony charge of theft. From Dec. 8, 2012, to May 25, 2013, Balmer allegedly stole $5,325 in state unemployment benefits.
• Kristin L. McCasland, 32, of Forest, was charged with a fifth-degree felony count of heroin possession. On Sept. 12 in Findlay, McCasland allegedly had less than 1 gram of heroin.
• Keith H. Romano, 26, of Walnutport, Pa., was indicted on a fifth-degree felony charge of aggravated drug possession. Romano allegedly had less than the bulk amount of methamphetamine on Nov. 1 in Findlay.
• Teresa D. Lajoie, 44, of Findlay, was charged with a fourth-degree felony count of failure to appear. Lajoie allegedly skipped a Jan. 23 court hearing in a separate Hancock County Common Pleas Court case.
Separately, a Fostoria resident was charged through a recently unsealed secret indictment.
Jaavaid A. McCarley-Connin, 25, was charged with allegedly selling less than 5 grams of cocaine on March 14 and March 18 of last year in Findlay. The two counts are fifth-degree felonies.
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