Hancock unemployment rate drops to 5.2 percent

Hancock County’s unemployment rate fell to 5.2 percent in February from 5.7 percent a month earlier, the state reported Tuesday.
Hancock County was tied for fifth-lowest last month among Ohio’s 88 counties with Union County, located south of Hardin and Marion counties, the State Job and Family Services Department reported.
The reduced jobless rate was a result of 100 more people having jobs, 37,600, and the labor force shrinking by 100 to 39,700. The labor force can decline when those who are unemployed become discouraged and quit seeking work.
Hancock County’s unemployment rate a year earlier, in February 2013, was 6.5 percent.
Jobless rates also declined in each neighboring county last month. Their February rates, with January rates and February 2013 rates in parentheses, were: Allen County, 7 percent in February (7.6 in January, 8.8 in February 2013); Hardin, 6.5 (7.1, 8.1); Henry, 7.7 (8.1, 10.2); Putnam, 6.3 (6.6, 7.3); Seneca, 6.7 (7.2, 8.3); Wood, 6.3 (6.8, 7.8); Wyandot, 6.4 (6.8, 8.4).
The statewide unemployment rate, which is seasonally adjusted, declined to 6.5 percent in February from 6.9 percent in January. In February 2013 it was 7.3 percent.
The national jobless rate, also seasonally adjusted, increased in February to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent a month earlier. It was 7.7 percent in February 2013.


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