Findlay High schedule changes likely


Students at Findlay High School will likely see their daily schedule change next fall, for the second straight year.

On Monday, Findlay school board discussed proposed changes to the high school schedule that would shorten class periods, end the school day earlier, and have the school day finish at the same time for all students.

The plan would shorten each class period by three minutes, from 50 minutes to 47.

The school day would end 33 minutes earlier at 2:41 p.m., instead of 3:14 p.m. The school day’s end would be at the same time for all students.

The new schedule was designed to alleviate problems with the current one. It would create 30-minute lunch periods instead of 29 minutes, and have every teacher start and end their day at the same time, Superintendent Dean Wittwer said.

“This schedule will eliminate a lot of issues we’ve had,” Wittwer said.

Lunches would all take place during the long fifth period, which would be split into A, B and C segments.

Students with an A period would have lunch first, followed by a fifth-period class.

Students with a B period would split their fifth-period class into two segments and would have their lunch in the middle of the two segments.

C period students would have a fifth-period class first, then their lunch, according to the schedule.

Students would have the option of attending school during periods one through eight, or periods two through eight, instead of having the current choice to go from periods one through seven or periods two through eight, according to the schedule.

The new schedule was conceived after several discussions and with input from students, teachers and parents, Wittwer said.

The new schedule could cause minor problems for future freshmen who have already scheduled classes. To combat that, high school officials are slightly reworking their schedules so freshmen don’t end up with multiple study hall periods, said Victoria Swartz, Findlay High School principal.

The current school year is the first time the high school has had a schedule offering two separate tracks.

One track, called blue, allows students to attend school during periods one through seven, while another, called gold, allows students to attend school from periods two through eight.

“It’s meant to be flexible,” Wittwer has said. “If a dad works third shift and can’t get up to get his kid to school that early in the morning, then they have options.”

Some students attend all eight periods, using the final period for optional classes or extracurricular activities.

The new high school schedule and its bus schedule would cause a slight change to the middle school schedule next school year.

Middle schools would start five minutes later at 7:35 a.m., and get out five minutes later at 2:35 p.m.

Separately Monday, the school board discussed potential revisions to the high school student handbook.

One addition being considered would require students to wear their student ID during school hours.

Wearing IDs would help teachers and administrators distinguish who is a student and who is a visitor, said Lynsey Davis, assistant principal at Findlay High School.

“Sometimes we find former students hanging out in the lunch room. Sometimes they sneak through,” Davis said. “We’re just trying to come up with a creative way to prevent that.”

If the ID change is made to the student handbook, the IDs may eventually allow students to “swipe in” at multiple entrances to the school during school hours, instead of entering through the main entrance.

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