Arlington residents questioning water bills

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ARLINGTON — Arlington residents who have noticed discrepancies in water bills are being urged to contact the village public affairs board, Village Council was told Monday.
Mayor Ed Solt said he has been approached by some who wonder why water bills have been so high.
Those residents should contact the Arlington Board of Public Affairs, which handles water billings. The board has the authority to provide relief for water bills when there is a suspected water leak.
In a related matter, council may look into raising sewer rates.
“We’re into deficit spending (in the sewer fund),” said Councilman Terry Lynn Huffman, who chairs the Water, Drainage and Sewer Committee.
Any increase would be “down the road,” Huffman said.
Separately, council held a lengthy discussion on finances involving vehicles for the Fire Department, and then tabled the topic Monday.
Council is considering replacing a 1965 grass truck used to transport firefighters to some emergency calls, such as grass fires. A newer truck would offer safer transportation for firefighters.
A $35,000 vehicle could be financed with a five-year loan at a 2.85 percent interest rate.
Also discussed was the cost of replacing a fire engine in the future to comply with state standards.
A levy might by considered in the future to pay for new vehicles, but no decision was reached Monday.
Separately, council appropriated $9,999 to repair the floor of the fire hall.
Council also will continue to look for water drainage solutions on Powell Drive. A broken tile has been found, but the line continues to be plugged with leaves and sticks.
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