Campaign spending: Riegle leads


So far, Hancock County Commissioner Phillip Riegle is raising and spending more money than his primary election opponent, former Commissioner Steve Oman, campaign spending reports show.

Campaigns spending or receiving $1,000 during the pre-election reporting period were required to file reports with the Hancock County Board of Elections by Thursday.

The reports show campaign spending to date, but don’t reflect campaign bills that are not yet paid.

Riegle, of 22525 Delaware Township 184, is finishing his second, four-year term as a commissioner.

Oman, of 13123 Hancock County 9, served two terms as a commissioner between 1997 and 2005. The two are squaring off in the Republican primary on May 6. No Democrats are running.

Riegle’s report shows the incumbent started the campaign period with $60 in the bank and raised an additional $8,629. His campaign reported spending $3,486 and has a balance of $5,202.

His campaign committee also has an outstanding loan of $4,299, carried forward from a previous report.

Oman’s report showed his campaign raised $7,639 and spent $1,858. His committee reported a balance of $5,780.

The Riegle campaign reported the following contributions: $2,500 from John Larbus, Mount Blanchard; $500 donations by Ray and Betty Hartzell, and Gary Hirschfeld, all of Findlay; $250 donations by Gary Heminger, Findlay, and Phillip and Tracy Riegle, Arlington.

Donations of $200 were made by David and Elaine Ingram, and Michael Mallett, all of Findlay. Walter Walker, Findlay, gave $150.

Donations of $100 were made to the Riegle campaign by Grant and Susan Russel, Marsha Harris, Judy Davis, Michael Foster, Gerald Casey, Allan Davis, Christian Pedersen, Charles Bills, Thomas Donnell, J. Randal Van Dyne, Michael Pepple, Sue Montgomery, James Johnston, Katherine and Gary Kreuchauf, Ralph and Nancy Russo, all of Findlay; Clarence Brown, Lima; and John Livingston, Arlington.

The Riegle campaign also received $1,095 from a fundraiser at Swan House, including $500 from Sherri Brumbaugh, Findlay, and $100 donations from Molly Benson and Lynn Child, both of Findlay.

The campaign reported one anonymous donation, $100, which was found in an unmarked envelope on April 10.

Riegle’s campaign reported spending $2,400 with A-R Marketing, 109 E. Sandusky St., for marketing; $824 with Kennedy Printing, 1631 Broad Ave., for printing services; and $262 with Swan House, 225 W. Sandusky St., for fundraiser food and tea.

Oman reported the following donations on his campaign finance report: $1,000 donations from D. Neil Clark, and Wanda Oman, both of Findlay; $500 donations from Rick Stacy, Arlington, and David Jones, Rawson; $400 from Lanny Boes, Fostoria; $250 donations from Charles Weasel, Jerry Wolford, Paul Pepple, Steven Schoonover, Eugene LaRoche, all of Findlay.

Donations of $200 were made by Gareth Heidlebaugh, Jason Oman, Robert Huffman, Powell Prater, all of Findlay; Dan Hartman, Arlington; Michael Stacy, Van Buren; and Kenneth Thomas, Rawson. Janice Bishop, Findlay, donated $190.

Donations of $100 were made by William Recker, David Oman, Dean Zeisloft, Rex McCartney, Stephen Oman, Jason Oman, Kyle Heidlebaugh, Nichole Oman, Thomas Elsea, all of Findlay; Bradley Cherry, Pandora; and Debra Stacy, Van Buren.

Oman’s report lists only two expenditures: $23.36 paid to First Federal Bank, 3900 N. Main St., for checks; and $1,835 to Lammers Outdoor Advertising, 700 Western Ave., for billboard advertising.

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