Putnam County to recycle glass

OTTAWA — With the help of a $100,000 grant from the state Environmental Protection Agency, Putnam County will begin a countywide glass recycling program June 1.

The funds will be used to purchase glass collection bins and rolloff containers, and upgrade the county’s transfer station.

Putnam County has been taking recyclable glass to the Hancock County landfill for disposal.

“This is an opportunity to expand the recycling efforts of the Putnam County Solid Waste Management District in a meaningful way,” said Commissioner Vincent Schroeder. “For the past year, it was a hurdle for us to find a market for recycled glass. It was a constant problem that the Ohio EPA actually helped us solve.”

“We are trying to be good stewards of the environment,” said Commissioner John Love. “Our goal was to take a product like glass out of the waste stream, not add to it. This offers a long-term solution.”

The county dumped about 140 tons of recyclable glass in the Hancock County landfill last year. Under the new program, a minimum of 155 tons of glass will be recycled. The Solid Waste Management District also will seek recyclable glass material from residents, restaurants and taverns throughout the county, to raise the glass recycling rate higher.

“Improvements in technology have made this transition possible,” said Commissioner Travis Jerwers. “We no longer have to be selective about separating color or size. Sophisticated machinery will do all the sorting and processing at the Rumpkee glass recycling site in Dayton.”

The county, in partnership with the company, will have the glass transported there.

Within four years, the Solid Waste Management District thinks glass recycling in the county will be more than 200 tons annually.

For more information, contact Ashley Siefker at the district office at 419-523-3656.



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