Blade to close printing plant, mailing facility

The Toledo Blade announced publicly on Friday that it will close the newspaper’s downtown printing plant and mailing facility, and will lay off about 131 people this summer.
In a recent letter to employees, Blade officials said the newspaper “has been losing money for many years, with losses exceeding $8.5 million in 2013.”
The printing plant is located at 541 N. Superior St., Toledo. The mailing facility is located on Water Street.
The company notified the City of Toledo of the pending layoffs Friday. The layoffs will begin on Aug. 1, and the shutdown is expected to be permanent.
According to The Blade, those affected by the layoffs are involved in the production of the newspaper, not the journalists who gather and edit the news, not the advertising sales staff and not the circulation department.
The company plans to seek an outside vendor for the production of the newspaper, once current labor agreements expire.



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