Crews cleaning Blanchard clear 13 miles of river in May

Crews working to clean the Blanchard River are working their way toward Hancock County.

Hancock County’s commissioners received an update on the Blanchard River Stream Enhancement Project at Thursday’s regular meeting.

In May, Tawa Tree Service, Ottawa, cleared 13 miles of river, removing 92 log jams. Workers started at the Blanchard River’s outlet into the Auglaize River at Dupont, and are moving upstream. The company is expected to reach the Hancock County line by early July.

In October, a joint board of county commissioners from the Blanchard River watershed voted to hire Tawa Tree Service to clear the river. Tawa was awarded a $381,302 contract.

Debris will be cleared from 88.5 miles of the river, including 46.2 miles in Hancock County, 34.5 miles in Putnam County, and 7.8 miles in Hardin County.

The cleanup includes removing debris from the main channel of the river. Thirty-one islands will be cleared. No sandbars will be removed. Large trees, pulled from the river, will be left along the outer treeline.


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