Firearms carry march planned

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Dozens of Second Amendment supporters are expected to openly carry their firearms this afternoon during a march on Findlay’s east side.
The three-mile round-trip walk along Tiffin Avenue will serve as a reminder of gun owners’ legal rights, said Jeremy Gensler, president of Northwest Ohio Carry.
Those who legally purchase a firearm may visibly possess it without an additional license, Gensler said.
“People don’t know they’re allowed to open carry in the state of Ohio,” Gensler said.
At 4 p.m. Saturday, supporters will meet near Best Buy in the 1800 block of Tiffin Avenue. They intend to walk east on the sidewalk to Wal-Mart and back, said Gensler, of Bowling Green.
About 30 gun owners have confirmed they will join, Gensler said. Findlay police were notified as well, he said.
“It’s our right as U.S. citizens to carry a handgun to be able to protect ourselves,” he said.
Gensler, who plans to bring a 9 mm pistol, said he’s joined about five prior marches in Toledo, Lima and Bowling Green.
The group aims to peacefully explain its view on deterring crime, he said.
“That’s all we’re about, education and respect,” he said.
Mass shootings frequently occur in gun-free zones, Gensler said. Banning such restrictions would make others safer, he said.
“My message is to arm yourself,” he said.
Gensler cited the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater as examples where gun possession would limit the number of killed.
Extensive firearms training for teachers would allow for quicker defense in schools, he said.
Gensler said he encourages the public to join his march. There is a shared camaraderie as well.
“It’s fun to get together with like-minded people and just talk,” he said. “No one’s afraid. No one’s intimidated.”
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