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Laws targeting crop nutrient use and teacher evaluation standards enacted this week were cited by 1st District Sen. Cliff Hite, R-Findlay, at the monthly Republican First Friday luncheon.
Taxes were also a hot topic.
“We just did another tax break for you all. This is a really good one. It’s been a 50 percent cut on small business income taxes for the first $250,000. Now it’s a 75 percent tax break,” he said. “Some people, even in the Republican party, wanted to take this money… and use it for other projects. That’s what got us into this mess (former deficit) in the first place.”
“We hope to continue this climate of attractiveness. We are one of the top states in the nation when it comes to job creation. People are looking at us and wanting to come here,” said Hite.
Tess’ Law, which designates May 9 as Meningitis Awareness Day, was also signed by the governor. It is named after a niece of Hite’s who died of the disease in 1999 at age 5.
Hite said he thinks more can be done to improve awareness and prevent more deaths.
Coming off a May primary win against two far right conservative opponents, having no opposition in November, and heading into the state Legislature’s summer break, Hite’s Friday appearance was more relaxed than his previous campaign-focused visit.
Her are some quotes and quips from the senator’s talk Friday, including a reference to a debate on one of the Ten Commandments with primary opponent Corey Shankleton at an earlier First Friday luncheon appearance:
• “I got a letter from someone who said I got more people to read the Ninth Commandment than five preachers over the last 10 years. When I was told I didn’t understand it correctly, I just about had a heart attack. I pulled out my cellphone to make sure what it does say, and I saw at least five or six of you doing the same thing.”
• “The person who has done the most to make a difference is (State Representative) Robert Sprague with his drug addiction work. Nobody is more respected in all of Columbus on this subject than Robert.”
• “In 2009, the 11 counties in my district had a 15.7 percent average unemployment rate. Now it’s 5.4 percent. Williams County alone was at 17 percent, and now it’s at 5.9 percent. So they’re happy with what we’re doing.”
• “A panel has been formed that involves parents, teachers, administrators, and those involved in curriculum development to see if they can tweak (state education standards),to make them better. They call it the revised code for a reason. You need to change it every so often.”
• “A state committee has been formed to take a hard look at the energy bill. We’ve got to make sure we’re getting this right, so we’re doing a pause. Some projects (solar and wind) probably won’t take place now. The ones that already exist will stay. With government subsidies, you have to be careful how you’re spending them.”
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