Most third-graders meet reading targets

COLUMBUS (AP) — The state says nearly nine of 10 Ohio third-graders met new reading targets and can move on to the fourth grade after follow-up testing.

Students can be held back if they don’t meet the literacy goals under the state’s new Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

The Department of Education said Tuesday more than 110,000 third-graders or 88 percent of the total have earned the necessary score in testing in October or May.

For Findlay City Schools, 89.2 percent of the district’s 408 third-graders passed the test.

Results for other Hancock County schools are as follows:

  • Van Buren Local, 98.8 percent passed (out of 80 students).
  • McComb, 97.8 percent passed (out of 45 students).
  • Liberty-Benton, 96.9 percent (98 students).
  • Arlington, 93.9 percent (33 students).
  • Cory-Rawson, 93 percent (43 students).
  • Riverdale, 89.5 (76 students).
  • Arcadia, 88.4 percent (43 students).
  • Vanlue, 85.0 percent (20 students).

Results from other area schools include:

  • Bluffton, 97.8 percent (92 students).
  • North Baltimore, 92.9 percent (42 students)
  • Carey, 92.7 percent (55 students)
  • Fostoria, 83.1 percent (124 students).

Statewide, the figures are up from the 63 percent who passed in October.

Officials say students lacking the standards may have already been retested by districts or can retake reading in the summer.

Children still lagging this fall could advance to fourth grade at midyear once the targets are met.



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