Oman outspent Riegle in GOP primary race


Former Hancock County Commissioner Steve Oman outspent incumbent Commissioner Phillip Riegle in their Republican primary election contest, post-election campaign finance reports show.

The reports show Oman spent $17,408 in the final days of the campaign, doubling the amount of money spent by Riegle during the post-election reporting period. Riegle spent $8,444.

A combination of pre-election and post-election campaign reports show the Oman campaign spent a total of about $20,000 on the campaign, compared to a total of $11,930 spent by Riegle’s campaign.

Riegle took 62 percent of the vote in the May primary, easily defeating Oman, who has challenged him twice for the commissioner office. With no Democratic or independent candidates running in November, the office will go to Riegle. He is finishing his second term as commissioner.

Candidates who collected or spent at least $1,000 were required to file post-election reports by Friday.


Riegle’s post-election report shows he collected $3,255 from late April to mid-May, and brought $5,202 forward from the pre-election report.

His latest report lists donations of $615 from himself and his wife, Tracy Riegle, Arlington; $500 from Duane and Kathleen Jebbet, Findlay; $400 from an anonymous donor; $350 from Ron and Carol Riegle, Forest; $250 from Michael Gardner, Findlay; $170 from an anonymous donor; $150 each from Philip Johnson and Dennis Fitzgerald, both of Findlay; $100 each from Fred and Kathleen Crates, Pamela and John Beall, all of Findlay; and $100 from an anonymous donor.

Riegle also reported a $233 in-kind contribution for Facebook ads that he placed.

Riegle’s top expenditures were $3,548 to King Strategic Communications, Gahanna, for a mailer; $1,817 to Blanchard River Broadcasting, a division of Findlay Publishing Co., parent company of The Courier, for advertising; $1,594 to Kennedy Printing, Findlay, for printing; $1,075 to Allegra Printing, a division of Findlay Publishing Co., for yard signs; $267 to A-R Marketing, Findlay, for media advertising; and $142 to The Courier, Findlay, for advertising.

The campaign reported a post-election balance of $4,299.


Oman’s post-election report shows his campaign collected $11,627, and carried forward a balance of $5,780 from the previous report.

The Committee to Elect Steve Oman Commissioner reported the following donations during the latest reporting period: $6,227 from himself; $3,000 from Gary Harpst, Findlay; $500 each from Stan Scarbrough, Findlay, and David Bower, Jenera; $500 from an anonymous donor; $200 from Linda Inbody, Findlay; $100 each from Paula Inniger, Arlington; Linda Carles, Van Buren; Dale Tuttle and John Kovach, both of Findlay; Bruce Arnold, Mount Cory; and $100 from an anonymous donor.

The campaign listed expenditures of $4,817 to Kennedy Printing Co., Findlay, for printing and mailing; $4,311 to The Courier, Findlay, for advertising; $2,435 to Time Warner Cable, Findlay, for advertising; $2,211 to WUPW Fox Toledo for advertising; $1,342 to WFIN/WKXA Radio, a division of Findlay Publishing Co., parent company of The Courier; and $1,325 to Lammers Outdoor Advertising, Findlay, for advertising.

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