Painters hired for Glenwood project finally paid for work


Two painters hired for the Glenwood Middle School project who went unpaid for more than a year have finally gotten the money they were owed.

Joseph Edinger, a parent of one of the unpaid painters, said his son and the other painter “were all paid and paid what they claimed they were owed.”

Edinger’s son, Joe, signed a nondisclosure agreement, meaning he is forbidden from providing details about the payment, including the amount and who made it.

Earlier this year, the elder Edinger said his son was owed around $1,000. As part of the construction of the new school, Joe Edinger painted a large Trojan mural containing the school’s name.

The school district awarded a $10.7 million contract for the Glenwood school construction to ACI of Alvada, which then subcontracted the painting work to Global Contracting, which hired Edinger and the other painter.

Edinger has said he worked with the school district and tried to work with ACI and Global Contracting to resolve the payment problem.

Global officials previously claimed ACI hadn’t paid Global, resulting in Global not having enough money to pay the painters.

Global provided workers for the project from September 2012 through December 2012, when ACI terminated its contract with Global and hired another painting contractor to finish the job.

The Glenwood School project’s construction manager, Chris Moore of Touchstone CPM, said another contractor was chosen because Touchstone and ACI felt Global was not doing an adequate job and “couldn’t stay ahead of the work.”

Because ACI Construction had to replace Global for faulty work, Moore said, it was not required to pay the $25,000 that Global claims it was owed.

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