Parole violation puts Cheri Brooks in Hancock jail




Cheri Brooks this week began her first stay in the Hancock County jail.

The woman who allowed Vera Jo Reigle to live in her Findlay home and later lied to police investigating Reigle’s murder has been jailed for violating her probation.

A judge ruled Brooks was in contact with unrelated minors, which she’s not allowed to do.

Brooks, 51, of Findlay, on Tuesday was ordered to serve 10 days in jail. She is scheduled to complete her stay July 18.

This jail term comes years after Brooks was sentenced to community control sanctions for obstructing justice in the Reigle murder investigation, a third-degree felony.

Reigle, 24, was repeatedly stabbed in March 2011 on a railroad bridge near downtown Findlay.

Cheri Brooks falsely told police that Reigle left the Brooks house that night with a boyfriend, but Reigle was actually with housemates Daniel Bixler and Nicole Peters, officials said.

Bixler later admitted the murder and Peters admitted to conspiring to murder. Cheri Brooks and four other of her family members were convicted of obstructing justice for making false statements to police.

Cheri Brooks was sentenced in October 2011 to a deferred 30-day jail term, depending on her medical condition. She is confined to a wheelchair, and her attorney said she has high blood pressure and diabetes.

Brooks said in an interview after her sentencing that she regularly grieves Reigle’s death.

“Nobody sees my tears for her. Everybody thinks bad of me and thinks that I didn’t care for her, but I cared for Vera very deeply,” she said.

Brooks returned to court multiple times following that sentencing.

She was warned in August, after her probation officer determined she had twice allowed unrelated minors to stay in her home.

Brooks defended herself at length in a recent documentary film, “Goodnight, Sugar Babe: The Killing of Vera Jo Reigle.” The movie suggested she helped orchestrate Reigle’s murder.

Advocates rallied around the film in pressing for more charges. Hancock County Prosecutor Mark Miller replied there was a lack of credible evidence that others were involved in the murder.

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