Area woman finally admitted to jail

Amy Peters, the 45-year-old who was featured in a recent Courier investigative story about Hancock County Justice Center overcrowding, began serving her five-day sentence Thursday.

It represented Peters’ 17th and final attempt to get into the jail since her January 2013 conviction for driving with a suspended license.

Her acceptance cam after Findlay Municipal Court Judge Jonathan Starn’s second order to jail staff to either admit her on July 24 or transfer her to another county jail. His first order to accept her regardless of potential space issues when she reported on July 10 was not followed.

“The Defendant SHALL NOT be again turned away due to overcrowded conditions,” Starn demanded.

Starn ordered the same for Monica Urdiales, 29, of Holgate, when she reports to the jail on Aug. 10. She was turned away for the 18th time on July 13 when she tried to serve a four-day sentence for aggravated disorderly conduct. Aug. 2 will mark two years since her conviction.

Betty Taylor, a third woman highlighted by The Courier for being turned away multiple times, was admitted on July 7. It was the 62-year-old’s 19th attempt at trying to serve a 10-day sentence for failing to stop after an accident.

Since The Courier’s original story published on July 5, a follow-up story on July 18 reported on the jail’s recent cell adjustments, which have made room for women inmates.

On July 17, Jail Administrator Ryan Kidwell said the Hancock County commissioners are also working on an agreement with the Putnam County Jail that will allow for Hancock County inmates to be housed there.



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