Bettsville considers ambulance options

BETTSVILLE — Officials from Bettsville, Liberty Township and Jackson Township in Seneca County are discussing whether to join an existing ambulance district or form a new one.

During a meeting in Bettsville this week, the Seneca County commissioners heard from village representatives and Ken Majors, county emergency medical service director.

Majors said Attica, Venice and Reed townships have formed an ambulance district; New Riegel, Big Springs and Seneca townships are forming a district, and Bloomville and Bloom Township are in discussions.

With one mill of property tax for Bettsville residents generating about $77,000 to $80,000 annually, it would take 1.25 or 1.5 mills to provide funds for an ambulance district coordinator, insurance and related costs. A ballot issue would have to be approved by voters to provide the funds.

Majors said the best option would be to join an existing joint ambulance district, with Hopewell, Loudon and Bascom being the one mentioned during the discussion.

If they join the existing district, residents would pay the existing 1.2 mills of the district.

If Bettsville and the townships would later decide to establish a separate ambulance district, that would be allowed, Majors said.

For residents present at this week’s meeting, the important issues are full-time coverage with trained personnel and retaining an ambulance in the village.

They also want equal say as a member of a joint district.

A notice has been sent to Bascom about possibly expanding the joint district to include Bettsville and the two additional townships.


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