County grand jury indicts 10 people

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A Findlay man charged with aggravated burglary was among 10 people indicted Tuesday by a Hancock County grand jury.
John E. Orahood, 41, was charged with trespassing to commit assault on July 29.
Orahood allegedly entered 742 Davis St., Apt. 2, while the resident was home in order to commit an assault. The charge is a first-degree felony.
Separately, an out-of-state motorist was charged with oxycodone possession after a July 30 traffic stop on Interstate 75 in Findlay.
Kareem Ameen-Haynes Walker, 25, of Clinton Township, Michigan, was stopped in a rented vehicle near the U.S. 224 exit. Troopers found 479 oxycodone pills and about 8 grams of marijuana under the spare tire in the trunk, according to the State Highway Patrol. Walker was charged with a second-degree felony.
The grand jury indicted eight others:
• Dominic Thornsbury, 18, of Findlay, was charged with assault, a fourth-degree felony. Thornsbury allegedly harmed Officer Michael Cooley of the Findlay Police Department on July 28.
• Allen R. Fraley, 24, of Findlay, faces a fourth-degree felony charge of domestic violence. Fraley allegedly harmed a relative July 23 in the city. He was previously convicted of the crime in Findlay Municipal Court in December 2008.
• Casey J. Keil, 24, a resident of the village of Holland, was charged with cocaine possession, a fifth-degree felony. On March 14 in Findlay, Keil allegedly had less than 5 grams of cocaine.
• Steven Hernandez Jr., 22, of Holgate, was charged with oxycodone possession, a fifth-degree felony. Hernandez allegedly had less than the bulk amount on July 4 in Findlay.
• Manuelita de Los Angeles Dulaney, also known as Mamie Marie Dulaney, 34, of Findlay, was charged with a fifth-degree felony count of theft. Dulaney on Saturday allagedly stole merchandise valued at between $1,000 and $7,500 from the Kohl’s store in Findlay.
• Brian Gangraw, 41, of Flint, Michigan, was indicted on two counts of receiving stolen property, fourth- and fifth-degree felonies. Gangraw allegedly possessed a stolen 1993 Buick sedan and a Visa card owned by Michigan residents on Monday in Liberty Township.
• Japaul A-K Johnson, 32, of Eastpointe, Michigan, was charged with possessing Phentermine, a prescription stimulant. Johnson allegedly had between the bulk amount and five times the bulk amount of the drug, a fourth-degree felony, on May 11 in Findlay.
• Tyler A. Rayl, 22, of Mount Blanchard, was charged with two counts of drug possession, each a fifth-degree felony. On June 25 in Findlay, Rayl allegedly had less than the bulk amount of oxycodone and n-benzylpiperazine, commonly called BZP.
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