City’s weed complaint procedure

This is the procedure that Findlay’s Neighborhood Enhancement and Abatement Team (NEAT) follows when it receives a complaint about high grass or weeds on a city property.

(The timeline and process for other complaints, such as junk vehicles and snowy sidewalks, differs):

  • Day 1: Receipt of complaint, ascertain property owner and open a case file.
  • Day 2: Investigation of complaint, photographs taken and added to case file. Letter sent to property owner.
  • Day 5: Letter received by property owner if the owner lives in Findlay. If the property owner lives out of town, the distance from Findlay would determine the time needed for delivery, which would then affect the deadline for compliance.
  • Day 13: Re-inspection of complaint by NEAT personnel to ascertain compliance. Make appropriate entries in case file. Close case if issue is handled, or contact a mower if not handled.
  • Day 14: Mower receives paperwork if property has not been mowed. Mower generally handles problem within two to three working days of receipt of the paperwork.

Delays could be experienced if the letter is returned and NEAT has to track down the property owner. NEAT’s caseload, investigations, inspections, and similar activities also can lengthen the time frame.

Source: Becky Greeno, Neighborhood Enhancement and Abatement Team.

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