Junior Fair livestock entries surpass 2,000

The Hancock County Junior Fair will continue its tradition of encouraging young people to get involved.

The 2014 Junior Fair will see the most entries ever in its livestock contests, with more than 2,000 entries.

“The contest is still our biggest thing,” said Betsey Rossman, junior fair coordinator.

Participation also has climbed: more than 1,000 youths are competing this year.

“It’s really rewarding and at the end you get to see the fruits of your labor,” Rossman said. “Overall, it’s a really good event.”

Junior Fair members will also be joining in the 75th anniversary parade at the fairgrounds at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Rossman said the parade is a good way for Junior Fair participants to learn about the history and traditions of the fair while also celebrating it.

Rossman said she pushed for a parade to celebrate the anniversary because it was something that used to be more common.

Rossman said she appreciates everyone who donates their time to helping put together the Junior Fair, because of what it does for Hancock County youth.

“It encourages them to really become part of Hancock County. It encourages the morals, skills and respect that everyone should have.”


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