Lights at McComb ballfields discussed


McCOMB — Village Council will work with a nonprofit McComb organization about adding lights to some ballfields at the village park.

Members of the McComb Community Partnership told council on Monday that the partnership would donate funds to help light one or maybe two ballfields.

McComb Council also indicated a willingness to spend money toward the project. Village Administrator Kevin Siferd was instructed to obtain prices for lights and poles.

“Sounds great,” Mayor Robert Schwab said.

Partnership representatives noted that lighted ballfields could attract more out-of-town teams to tournaments.

In other park matters, Siferd said he wants to upgrade a security light near a restroom at the park.

Vandals, he said, have plugged toilets, damaged doors and broken lights in the restrooms.

Elsewhere, council briefly revisited a recent suggestion by a council member to store bottled water that would be made available for McComb residents during an emergency.

The request was a response to an algae bloom that recently affected the water supply in Toledo area, prompting a drinking water ban and causing long lines for bottled water supplies.

Councilman Gordon Myers had suggested earlier that bottled water be stored for an emergency, and water nearing an expiration date would be distributed to a local pantry and community events.

Village officials Monday didn’t discount the suggestion, but saw some problems.

“How do you regulate that?” Siferd asked, adding that “logistical things, you have to think through.”

Finding a place to keep pallets of water was one obstacle, according to village officials.

Police Chief Greg Smith will seek prices for bulk bottled water.

Separately, council again discussed annexing a few properties near McComb schools into the village.

A practice field at McComb schools and three nearby homes just outside the village now purchase municipal water — at a cost higher than village residents.

Council has been discussing ways to annex these properties into the village for a uniform boundary.

However, council cannot simply vote to annex the land; the property owners must agree to it.

“It’s a voluntary act,” village Solicitor Alan Hackenberg said. “You can’t force anyone to annex.”

In other business, council:

  • Heard a complaint that two non-functioning vans are parked on a Bond-Preble property, violating the junk vehicle law.
  • Was informed that a few “crumbling” catch basins on Rader Road will receive attention.

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