Many winners named as Hancock fair opens

First-day attendance at the Hancock County Fair was slow during the afternoon, but swelled during the evening, fair officials reported.
Evening activities included a 75th anniversary parade, crowning of the Junior Fair queen and king, and a county band show.
Ticket Chairman Aaron Smith estimated total attendance at about 16,500, just above the five-year average for the fair’s first day.
Today, “fair” weather is in the forecast, with a high of 81 expected and a low of 59. Friday’s forecast is similar.
As the fair opened, many winners were named in both Junior Fair and open class competition:
Junior Fair
Winners were:
Champion market gilt — Corbin Mains, Barn Stormers.
Reserve champion gilt — Nickolas Burner, Lucky Star 4-H.
Champion market barrow — Levi Stauffer, Barn Stormers.
Reserve champion barrow — Sam Stauffer, Barn Stormers.
Pig Club winners — Megan Fisher, Lucky Star 4-H, first; Mikaela Haan, Lucky Star 4-H, second.
Showmanship winners:
Beginner — Eric Miller, Biglick Buckeyes, first; Grant Bacon, Country Critters, second.
Junior — Seth Leader, Northwest Stars, first; Ashley Schaller, Country Critters, second.
Senior — Nickolas Burner, first; Aubry vonStein, Country Critters, second.
Super — Levi Stauffer, first; Megan Ritter, Buttons and Bows, second.
Winners were:
Three meat chickens — Clint Recker, Biglick Buckeyes, first; Remington Price, Biglick Buckeyes, second.
Meat turkey — Avery Holland, Hancock Hareraisers, first; Hannah Betts, Millstream Farmers, second.
Fancy turkey — Ellie Bishop, Hancock Homesteaders, first; Austin Hensley, Rock-n-Roll, second.
Overall duck — Lindsey Bishop, Hancock Homesteaders, first; Ellie Bishop, second.
Cockbird standard — Noah Wright, Lucky Star, first; Ben Riddle, Magic Makers, second.
Cockbird bantam — Hayley Schlumbohm, Hancock Homesteaders, first; Ben Riddle, second.
Cockerels standard — Claire Recker, Millstream Farmers, first; Jackson Shepherd, Hancock Hareraisers, second.
Cockerels bantam — Ben Riddle, first; Chloe Heidlebaugh, Pride of Pleasant, second.
Hens standard — Jordan Wright, Hancock Homesteaders, first; Tucker Routson, Hancock Homesteaders, second.
Hens bantam — Chloe Heidlebaugh, first; Grace Schlumbohm, Hancock Homesteaders, second.
Pullets standard — Avery Holland, first; Claire Recker, second.
Pullets bantam — Ellie Bishop, first; Chloe Heidlebaugh, second.
Standard trio — Claire Recker, first; Avery Holland, second.
Bantam trio — Ben Riddle, first; Cale Parkins, Gold Star, second.
Duck bantam — Izzac Dean, Buttons & Bows, first; Britta Fenstermaker, McComb FFA, second.
Duck light — Austin Hensley.
Duck heavy — Hayley Schlumbohm.
Goose heavy — Aubrey Brown, Prospectors.
Open Class
Farm Products
Corn winners were:
DeKalb medium — Grant Schaublin.
Agra Gold medium — Ron Stacy.
Pioneer early — Mike Kryling, first; Steven Ruggles, second.
Pioneer medium — Levi Beagle, first; Steven Ruggles, second.
Other variety medium — Lyle Harvitt, first; John Deeds, second.
Other variety late — Jean Nonnamaker.
Best single ear, any variety — Levi Beagle, first; Jean Nonnamaker, second.
Sweet corn, popcorn, root crops, vegetable table display — Cheryl Conkle.
Hay winners were:
Alfalfa first cutting — Chris Recker, first; Tanner Bryan, second.
Alfalfa second or third cutting — Miles vonStein, first; Caleb vonStein, second.
Mixed alfalfa and grass — Miles vonStein, first; Mike Leader, second.
Mixed clover and grass — Bret Rickle.
Largest farm product winners:
Cabbage, heaviest — Claire Recker, first; Reagan Cook, second.
Cucumber, green corn type — Ron Stacy, first; John Spaeth, second.
Field corn, longest ear — JJ Wenner, first; Max Wenner, second.
Largest muskmelon — Heather Bishop, first; Levi Bishop, second.
Largest onion — Daniel Kirk, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Largest potato — William Aller, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Largest sweet potato/yam — Ron Stacy.
Largest tomato — Ernie Hile, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Largest pumpkin — Heather Bishop, first; Levi Bishop, second.
Largest zucchini squash — Daniel Kirk, first; Wanda Clark, second.
Largest squash other variety — Mark Goodwin, first; Jan Morehart, second.
Largest vegetable — Cheryl Conkle.
Largest sunflower — Terry Badertscher, first; Kira Osborn, second.
Tallest sunflower — Madilyn Youngpeter, first; Terry Badertscher, second.
Largest turnip — Tanner Bryan, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Largest watermelon — Ron Stacy.
Root crop winners were:
Russet potatoes — Ron Stacy, first and second.
Kennebec potatoes — William Aller, first; Dennis vonStein, second.
Red potatoes — Terry Badertscher, first; William Aller, second.
Any other potato — Terry Badertscher, first; Alishia Beagle, second.
Sweet potatoes — Ron Stacy, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Rhubarb — Kylee R. Simpson, first; Mona Wittlinger, second.
Garden beets — Terry Badertscher, first; Ilene Hoy, second.
Turnips — Cheryl Conkle.
Carrots 6 inches and under — John Spaeth, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Carrots over 6 inches — Terry Badertscher, first; John Spaeth, second.
Radishes red — Robert Schwab.
Radishes white — Robert Schwab.
Onions white — Robert Schwab, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Onions sweet — Ron Stacy, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Onions red — Cheryl Conkle, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Cooking onions — Cheryl Conkle, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Shelled corn winner: Tristan Amstutz.
Soybeans winners:
Early — Brandon Amstutz, first; Tristan Amstutz, second.
Medium — Richard Amstutz.
Late — Tristan Amstutz, first; Richard Amstutz, second.
Sweet corn winners:
Bicolor — Britta Fenstermaker, first; Eric Davis, second.
Yellow sweet — Jim Myers.
White sweet — Ron Stacy.
Vegetables winners were:
Tomatoes, canning, 3 inches or less — Jim Myers, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Tomatoes larger than 3 inches — Matt Haugh, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Tomatoes, beefsteak — Ron Stacy, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Tomatoes, yellow — Robert Schwab, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Tomatoes, Italian or paste — Lois Hile, first; Jeremy Strapp, second.
Cherry tomatoes, red, 1 inch or less — Carlie Creque, first; Susan Wachter, second.
Cherry tomatoes, yellow, 1 inch or less — Robert Schwab, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Plum tomatoes — Cheryl Conkle, first; Jim Myers, second.
Bell peppers, green-red-yellow — Robert Schwab, first; Matt Haugh, second.
Bell peppers, any other color — Monica vonStein, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Sweet banana peppers — Robert Schwab, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Hot banana peppers — Robert Schwab.
Hot peppers, Jalapeno — Monica vonStein, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Hot peppers, any other — Robert Schwab, first; Monica vonStein, second.
Habenero pepper — Robert Schwab, first; Monica vonStein, second.
Pimentos, red — Robert Schwab.
Kohlrabi — Robert Schwab, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Green cabbage — Dennis vonStein, first; John Spaeth, second.
Flat Dutch cabbage — Dennis vonStein, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Red cabbage — Dennis vonStein, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Broccoli — Robert Schwab, first; Jim Myers, second.
Cucumbers for slicing — Heather Riddle, first; William Aller, second.
Cucumbers for pickling, under 5 inches — William Aller, first; Heather Riddle, second.
Green beans — Robert Schwab, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Wax beans — Robert Schwab.
Any other beans — Robert Schwab.
Large lima beans — Ron Stacy.
Watermelon, any variety — Ilene Hoy, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Muskmelon — Levi Bishop, first; Heather Bishop, second.
Cow pumpkin — Jacob Price, first; Heather Bishop, second.
Mini sugar pie pumpkin — Jeremy Strapp, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Two pie pumpkins — Jacob Price, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Zucchini squash — Heather Riddle, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Butternut squash — Ron Stacy, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Spaghetti squash — Mona Wittlinger, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Yellow straight neck squash — Ron Stacy, first; Jim Myers, second.
Hubbard squash — Cheryl Conkle.
Acorn squash — John Spaeth, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Patty pan squash — Cheryl Conkle.
Crookneck squash — Dennis vonStein, first; Ron Stacy, second.
Any other squash — Robert Schwab.
Mixed ornamental gourds — Jacob Price, first; Robert Schwab, second.
Display of ornamental gourds — Robert Schwab, first; Jacob Price, second.
Egg plants — Robert Schwab, first; Mona Wittlinger, second.
Mini pumpkins — Robert Schwab, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Wheat, Cropland — Eric Davis.
Wheat, any other variety — Carter Like, first; Jacob Fenstermaker, second.
Hobbies, Collections
Hancock County Fair memorabilia winners:
Ribbons — Cheryl Conkle.
Photos — Cheryl Conkle, first; Judy Houdeshell, second.
Advertisement — Jacob Price, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Hobbies and collections winners:
Buttons, sewing — Mary Kershner, first; Vicki Walter, second.
Coins — Bill Pifer, first; Tristan Amstutz, second.
Spoons — Vicki Walter, first; Debra Evans, second.
Indian relics — Marie Peace.
Shells — Linda McRill, first; Tyler Martin, second.
Models — John Knickel.
Dolls under 8 inches — Darla Thompson, first; Linda McRill, second.
Animal collection — Mary Kershner, first; Margaret Stine, second.
Sport star or team — Margaret Stine.
Key chains — April Holland, first; Linda McRill, second.
Scrapbook — Maggie Morehart, first; Joetta Merrill, second.
Any other — Terri Price, first; Jacob Price, second.
Military winners were:
Civil War — Terri Price, first; Peggy Rinehart, second.
World War I — Robert Conkle.
World War II — Myrna Nault, first; Cheryl Collingwood, second.
Showcase categories winners:
Postcards of Hancock County — Jacob Price, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
Early pictures — Kristen Waxler.
Vintage winners (under 75 years) were:
Toys — Jerry Thomas, first; Terri Price, second.
Entertainment memorabilia — Jacob Price, first; Kaleigh Frampton, second.
Advertisement item — Joyce Latham, first; Jacob Price, second.


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