County grand jury indicts six people


A Hancock County grand jury on Tuesday handed up an indictment against an Indiana man accused of cocaine possession.

Shaun M. Matthews, 36, of Gary, Indiana, was charged with possessing between 27 and 100 grams of cocaine on Aug. 29 in Orange Township. The charge is a first-degree felony.

The grand jury also indicted five others:

  • Raaid S. Alkhateeb, 27, of Detroit, was indicted on a third-degree felony count of aggravated drug possession. On May 22 in Findlay, Alkhateeb allegedly had cathinone, commonly called bath salts, in an amount between the bulk amount and five times the bulk amount.
  • Elijah S. Bakies, 21, of Findlay, was charged with forgery, a felony of the fifth degree. On Aug. 20 in Findlay, Bakies allegedly forged a check for $2,650 on the account of Illinois Institute of Technology with BMO Harris Bank, Chicago.
  • Larry A. Norway, 52, of Findlay, was charged with cocaine possession, a fifth-degree felony. Norway allegedly had less than 5 grams of the drug on June 12 in Findlay. Two people were also indicted through recently unsealed secret indictments:
  • Elizabeth M. Fife, 23, of Findlay, was charged with selling cocaine, a felony of the fourth degree. Fife on Dec. 6, 2012, allegedly sold less than 5 grams of cocaine within 1,000 feet of Heritage Christian School.
  • Rick A. Harmon, 23, of Findlay, was charged with two fifth-degree felony counts of heroin trafficking. Harmon allegedly sold less than 1 gram of the drug on April 30 and on May 1 in Findlay.

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