Hot seller: Coloring books for adults


Coloring books — once the province of children — have become a hot seller for adults.

“Oh my word, yes,” said Janet Wibright, assistant manager of Books-A-Million at Findlay Village Mall. “It’s our most popular item to beat all.”

Scores of them are on display at the front of the store and stocked in the back, from various authors and publishers and for all tastes: “Enchanted Forest,” “Color Me Calm,” “Nature Mandalas,” “Creative Cats,” “A Game of Thrones,” “Brothers Grimm,” “Expressions of Faith,” “Animal Kingdom,” and on and on.

Young adults on up to senior citizens are coloring them with markers, colored pencils, pens and even the old-fashioned crayons.

Coloring books used to be for kids, many of whom as they got older snubbed them as busywork for little kids.

So, what gives?

“They’re just a great stress reliever,” Wibright said.

She is exactly right, said Kit Yarrow, consumer psychologist and author of “Decoding the New Consumer Mind.”

Yarrow said the trend is a calming antidote to technology’s anxious claims on our time and attention.

“It’s soothing, you know, knitting and needlepoint and all of that stuff is kind of soothing,” Yarrow said. “With our online lives, we’re just busy, busy, busy all the time. We feel increasingly anxious. So this is like a little anti-anxiety med.”

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