DTR Industries to change name

BLUFFTON — DTR Industries in Bluffton, which manufactures motor mounts and other anti-vibration products for the auto industry, will change its name to SumiRiko Ohio, effective March 1.

This will bring DTR in line with a name change undergone by its parent company two years ago, from Tokai Rubber Industries to Sumitomo Riko Co.

The parent company’s new name combined the trustworthy global brand “Sumitomo” with the Japanese word Riko (physics, chemistry and engineering), which represent the core technologies of the company.

Tokai Rubber Industries was bought by Sumitomo Electric Industries in 1937.

To take advantage of global branding, Sumitomo Riko decided that its subsidiaries, like DTR, would adopt a similar name change.

It is an effort to make uniform all of the different names of 105 business sites in 23 countries that have evolved over Sumitomo Riko’s 88-year history.


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