Suspect in downtown crash likely to face federal charges




Hancock County authorities say a dramatic chase that ended in a rush-hour crash in downtown Findlay last month won’t result in any local charges.

Instead, William B. Milliron Sr., formerly of Rudolph, is likely to face federal charges.

A criminal complaint filed March 8 against Milliron in U.S. District Court in Toledo suggests he could face federal charges of illegal possession of ammunition, and also be charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers in connection with the Feb. 23 chase.

Milliron, who has been held in the Wood County Jail since Feb. 24, appeared briefly in federal court Wednesday where he waived a probable cause hearing. That means federal authorities now have 30 days to issue an indictment against him.

Even if federal charges aren’t brought in Ohio, however, Milliron could be returned to Florida, where he has a criminal record and where he is wanted for a probation violation.

Findlay police and Hancock County Prosecutor Phil Riegle had said a week after the chase that Milliron’s prosecution would likely be handled on the federal level, because those charges would be more substantial.

According to the criminal complaint, U.S. marshals were looking for Milliron on Feb. 23 on the Florida warrant, which called for nationwide extradition if he was located.

Marshals spotted Milliron’s red 1991 Chevy truck on Wooster Street in Bowling Green and tried to stop him. Milliron ignored the officers’ lights and sirens.

North Baltimore police were contacted and joined the pursuit, which proceeded to Fostoria and then to Findlay.

During the pursuit, Milliron was said to have thrown bottles containing then-unknown substances from his truck at police vehicles. A North Baltimore officer reported one of the bottles exploded on the front end and windshield of his vehicle.

Throughout the chase, Milliron disregarded traffic control devices and signs, the complaint said.

Once the pickup truck reached the city limits on Findlay’s east side, city police joined in.

Milliron traveled west on Tiffin Avenue to Main Street and drove through several residential neighborhoods before colliding with a vehicle at Main and Sandusky streets.

The truck spun and came to rest against a rock wall of the Millstream Art Plaza at the northeast corner of the intersection.

Milliron was taken into custody at the scene. Officers said they found 13 live rounds of 9 mm ammunition in his pants pocket.

According to the criminal complaint, material collected from the bottles Milliron threw at officers was found to be a combination of chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine.

The complaint said the chemicals are highly volatile, toxic and combustible, and the bottles also had a wick made of paper stuffed into the opening, and the wicks were charred from being lit.

After being taken into custody, the complaint said, Milliron confessed to assaulting an officer.

He said he knew the marshals were looking for him and were following him. He said he saw the lights and heard the sirens but was not going to stop and go back to prison, the complaint said.

He admitted he threw items at law enforcement officers to get them to stop chasing him, and attempted to light the bottles of chemicals before throwing them.

Authorities suspect Milliron was involved in making meth in Ohio. Chemicals used in the production of the drug were removed by a hazmat-trained officer from the back of Milliron’s truck after it crashed Feb. 23.

Milliron has a long record in Florida, where he has been charged with grand theft of firearms, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, resisting an officer with violence, battery on an officer or firefighter, possession of a controlled substance, and manufacture of meth.

Many of those charges resulted from an incident strikingly similar to the one in northwestern Ohio on Feb. 23.

In June 2015, Milliron and another man were pulled over in an older-model pickup truck near Century, Florida.

Authorities discovered two “one-pot” meth labs in the truck. Milliron wrestled with a deputy and tried to flee on foot. He was “Tased” twice before being apprehended.



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