Council Legislation

April 18, 2017
Public attendance: 17

11-2017, one reading only, approving expenditures made by the auditor’s office which either exceeded the purchase order or were incurred without a purchase order, exceeding $3,000. Resolution approved 10-0.
12-2017, one reading only, opposing the governor’s proposal for centralized collection of city income tax, which will cause a substantial loss of revenue needed to support the health, safety, welfare and economic development efforts of Ohio cities. Motion to table the resolution approved 9-1, with Holly Frische, R-1, opposed.
2017-19, third reading, vacating the north-south alley between Fishlock Avenue and Williams Street, extending south from First Street to Lye Creek; and the east-west alley between First Street and Lippincott Avenue, beginning at Fishlock Avenue and extending east to Williams Street. Ordinance approved 10-0.
2017-20, third reading, vacating part of Lippincott Avenue. Ordinance approved 10-0.
2017-21, third reading, prohibiting people from riding a bicycle in the downtown district, defined as being bordered on the north by Center Street; on the south by Lincoln Street; on the east by the first north-south alley east of Main Street; and on the west by the first north-south alley west of Main Street. Ordinance amended, 10-0, to include language repealing a current requirement in the city code for bicycle licenses. Ordinance amended, 10-0, to move the northern boundary of the bicycling ban to the south side of the Blanchard River bridge on Main Street. Motion to table the ordinance approved 9-1, with Frische opposed.
2017-24, third reading, appropriating $25,000 for a traffic signal at Hamlet Drive and Hancock County 212. Ordinance approved 10-0.
2017-25, third reading, authorizing the city to seek bids and contract for nearly $1.2 million of various capital improvements. Ordinance approved 9-1, with Frische opposed.
2017-28, third reading, approving replacement pages to the Findlay Codified Ordinances. Ordinance approved 10-0.
2017-34, second reading, transferring $1.5 million from the city’s general fund to its capital improvements budget. Motion to suspend the rules and give the ordinance its third reading approved 10-0. Motion to amend the ordinance to reduce the transfer to $1 million approved 8-2, with Grant Russel and Tom Shindledecker, both R-At-Large, opposed. Ordinance adopted as amended 10-0.
2017-35, first reading, appropriating nearly $804,000 for five waterline projects, on South Main Street, Heather Drive, Woodside Drive, Davis Street and Vincent Street. Motion to suspend the rules approved 10-0. Ordinance adopted 10-0.
2017-36, first reading, appropriating $135,000 for the Brandman Sewer Diversion & Combined Sewer Overflows Removal. Motion to suspend the rules approved 10-0. Ordinance approved 10-0.
2017-37, first reading, establishing rules for siting of wireless communications facilities in the right of way and protecting the city’s interests in preserving the right of way aesthetically and as a pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare.
2017-38, first reading, adding job classifications, including separate classifications for director of public service and director of public safety.
2017-39, first reading, repealing the current zoning code and enacting a new zoning ordinance.


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