School levy group spends nearly $4,000


Citizens for Findlay Schools, a group promoting the renewal of a 4.9-mill city school levy, has spent about $3,799 on the campaign so far, according to a campaign finance report.

The school district is asking voters on May 2 to renew the tax on a continuing basis. It generates money for current expenses.

Campaign finance reports had to be filed by Thursday if campaign committees or individual candidates received or spent at least $1,000.

Citizens for Findlay Schools listed about $4,517 that was brought forward from a previous report, plus $1,874 in new contributions, for total available funds of about $6,391.

Expenses for the period were about $3,799, leaving a balance of about $2,591 in available funds.

Donors of $100 or more and the amount given include: Stephen and Ami Orr, Findlay, $250; John Dotson and Molly Senokozlieff, Findlay, $200; Shane Pochard, Brian and S. Jane Robertson, Edward and Kimberly Kurt, Ryan and Brook Imke, Lynn Child, Christopher and Carrie Aldrich, Michael and Barbara Logsdon, Dennis and Sharyn McPheron, Susan K. Chesebro, Erik and Julia Baker, Donald and Susan Williams, Benjamin and Amber Patterson, all of Findlay, $100 each.

Reported expenses included: Signed by Josette LLC, Findlay, $949 for advertising; Centennial Screen Printing, Findlay, $657 for advertising; Lammers Outdoor Advertising, Findlay, billboard advertising, $1,400; Marathon Petroleum Corp., Findlay, vinyl banner advertising, $739.

Four candidates for Findlay City Council filed campaign finance reports by Thursday.

The Committee to Elect Thomas A. Ross as council president listed no carryover balance and no contributions. The committee did list expenses of $4,325.

Expenses of at least $100 included: Brandon Screen Printing, Lima, yard signs, about $1,317; Streichers Quick Print, Findlay, handout cards, about $102; Lammers Outdoor Advertising, Findlay, billboard advertising, $2,610; Facebook, San Francisco, California, online advertising, $250.

The Committee to Elect Barbara Lockard as a council-at-large member listed $250 in contributions, $250 in expenses and $80 of in-kind contributions.

Donors of $100 or more were Allison Baier, Findlay, and George Brinkman, Cincinnati, $100 each.

The report listed about $109 in reimbursement to Lockard for campaign expenses. The in-kind contribution was from Rhonda Hile, Findlay, for graphic design services.

Friends of Timothy J. Davis, a candidate for an at-large council seat, reported donations of $150 and no expenses. Carol Litzenberg of Findlay donated $100.

Dina M. Ostrander, a 3rd Ward council candidate, listed about $2,958 of in-kind contributions on her finance report, all provided by her. No campaign spending was listed.

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